Consulting Services

Providing advisement, guidance and professional consulting services that enable schools or systems to increase student achievement, collaboration and personalization.


Promethean's commitment to education and its' improvement is evident in the newly formed consulting group. Promethean committed to hiring leading educators with extensive experience in systemic improvement, digital and print curriculum development, technology integration and student services. The over-arching theme of the consulting group is one of School Improvement. With over 100 years of education experience from classroom to district level administrative appointments the consulting group will provide a school based or systemic evaluation with detailed plans to reach stated goals.

Technology Integration Services

Our consultants provide Technology Integration services using research-based and statistically proven tools and procedures. The outcomes provide districts with baseline data on the effective implementation of their current technology, a snapshot into the depth at which technology is incorporated into curriculum, and how technology is used to transform teaching and learning. Customized reports include detailed change management and professional development plans to improve student achievement utilizing current and future technology.

Education Consulting Services

Work in conjunction with system schools and teachers to support environments that encourage engagement, collaboration and personalized learning.

  • Technology Integration Matrix (TIM Tools): Effective integration of technology within curriculum.
  • School Improvement
  • Accreditation
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Management
  • Differentiated Accountability (DA)

Technology Integration Matrix (TIM Tools): Effective Integration of Technology Within Curriculum

Promethean can lead schools and educational systems in determining the level of technology utilization and integration in the district using the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and the Technology Uses and Perception Survey (TUPS). Both tools were developed by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology in the College of Education at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, Florida. The tools are research-based and statistically validated.

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

  • Provides a framework for defining and evaluating technology integration
  • Sets a clear vision for effective teaching with technology
  • Gives teachers and administrators a common language for setting goals
  • Helps target professional development resources effectively
  • Technology Uses and Perception Survey (TUPS)
  • Provides valuable data to guide school and district-level decision making
  • Helps identify technology professional development topics that teachers want and need
  • Helps to identify how well prepared teachers are to integrate technology in meaningful ways

The TIM tool consists of classroom observations completed by a well-trained team. The TUPS tool consists of an online survey that the teachers will complete. The Promethean team will analyze the results of the TUPS and the TIM tool to provide recommendations. Based on the reports, the Promethean team will work with the school and/or educational system to develop a systemic plan of action and change, including strategies and a comprehensive professional development plan to increase the technology integration of teachers. The Professional Development Plan will consist of customized modules that will guide teachers and administrators through the courses, while allowing for exploration, modeling and guided practice. The goal is to support the movement of the teachers along a continuum in their utilization and integration of technology.

For more information on the Technology Integration Matrix please visit this website.

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School Improvement

School Improvement processes provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. School Improvement is based on a continuous improvement model using research-based accepted best practices. School Improvement processes lead the development of a school improvement plan that addresses student achievement needs, the monitoring of the implementation of the plan, and revisions when appropriate.

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Accreditation provides benefits for the entire school stakeholder community to include students, parents, teachers/staff and communities & businesses. Students benefit from their educational system's commitment to raising student achievement. Students that attend an accredited institution gain greater access to federal loans, scholarships, post-secondary education and military programs. This ethic of excellence ensures for parents that institutions will find rich benefits from accreditation and that parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children's education, knowing their child's school is accredited.

The accreditation process leads teachers to critically evaluate teaching and learning with a focus for academic excellence. As a result of schools exhibiting educational excellence, communities are viewed as desirable for economic growth and business expansion.

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Strategic Planning & Performance Management

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning guides the identification of a school district’s vision, mission and values. Their vision describes the ideal environment and outcomes—a picture of the desired future, one that inspires, energizes, and provides a long-term view. The mission defines the educational purpose—what needs to be accomplished to achieve our vision; it provides direction and focus, and helps guide all goals and decisions. The values describe what needs to be present for our vision to come to pass, and how work reflects those values. It drives culture and priorities, and provides a framework in which decisions are made.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a rigorous, evidence-based, collaborative problem solving process. The process involves frequent performance management reviews to help schools and districts align and optimize all school district initiatives and services to the strategic plan. Guided by data and information, schools and district-level divisions, offices, and departments experience several opportunities to engage in open and honest conversations through performance management reviews to evaluate value-added services.

The process is interactive because action items are identified and measured against on-going progress and baseline metrics.

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Differentiated Accountability

Differentiated Accountability (DA) is designed to improve student performance in struggling schools.

The focus is to provide training, technical assistance, and evaluation assistance to ensure that data-based problem solving within a multi-tiered system is a critical component of the school improvement efforts in targeted schools.

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Data Based Decision Making/Multi-Tiered Sytems of Student Support

Consultants will work with identified teams to develop systemic approaches to using data to identify needs, set goals, and measure progress toward meeting those goals. Personalized plans will be developed based on the specific needs and culture of the school, district, or system. The end product will be a well-developed and systemic approach of using data to make informed decisions.

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