We Heard You - Promethean Continues To Support ActivInspire

August 31, 2017

We have listened to all your feedback regarding the importance of Promethean’s ActivInspire Software in your classrooms and based on that feedback, we are pleased to inform you that we have decided to continue to maintain and support our popular ActivInspire Software. The incredible response to our Flipchart conversion service has highlighted the importance, value, and hard work that our customers have put into the existing millions of ActivInspire lessons and activities created over the last decade. We want to ensure that our loyal teacher base can continue to use this content now and into the future.

In fact, because the response to our service to convert ActivInspire Flipcharts to ClassFlow format has been so tremendous, we simply cannot keep pace with the demand. With the decision to continue to maintain and support the ActivInspire software, you can now continue to use your Flipcharts within ActivInspire and manage the transition to ClassFlow at your own pace. Therefore, we have decided, as of today, to suspend the conversion service indefinitely. For those customers who have already submitted their Flipcharts to Promethean, we will honor our commitment to convert those into ClassFlow format; however, we cannot commit to a conversion completion date, and we ask for your patience. As a reminder, if you wish to convert your Flipcharts into the ClassFlow format, you can use the auto converter that exists in ClassFlow today, and we expect the functionality of the converter to continue to improve over time.

For those teachers who have successfully migrated to the ClassFlow suite of products and converted your ActivInspire content to the ClassFlow format, we are excited for you to be able to engage your students with a truly immersive learning environment. Promethean continues to be dedicated to developing ClassFlow as our next-generation platform for lesson delivery. Cloud-based solutions, such as ClassFlow, represent the future of education technology and provide additional opportunities for student engagement in the classroom.

Thank you for your many years of loyal support of ActivInspire, and Promethean looks forward to continuing to serve you with software solutions that engage and motivate students to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we intend to fix bugs reported in ActivInspire after September 4, 2017? Do we intend to continue OS support past June 2018?  Will ActivInspire support now continue beyond June 2018? 

Yes, our commitment is to continue to maintain the functionality of ActivInspire. This means that as operating system releases occur, we will address any ActivInspire performance issues. This is consistent with what we have communicated prior, the change being that we do not have a specific end date for this maintenance period. While we will fix any issues that affect functionality, Promethean will at their discretion fix minor bugs, especially those of a cosmetic nature, that don’t affect the functionality of the product.

2Do we intend to make any requested enhancements to ActivInspire after September 4, 2017? 

No, we are not currently planning any enhancements to the current version of ActivInspire.

3. Do we still intend to remove the ActivInspire download on March 31, 2018? 


4. Do we have expected end-of-life (EOL) process dates to replace the ones we announced?

While we don’t have any specific dates to announce today, we are still encouraging customers who are ready to migrate to ClassFlow, our next-generation, lesson delivery software. ClassFlow enables advanced collaboration features, incorporates student devices, and creates new levels of student engagement. However, we realize that not all schools are at the same point in their technology infrastructure journey and that the process to build bandwidth, Wi-Fi access points, and deploy student devices may take longer than we initially anticipated for many of our customers. We want to give everyone the time needed to migrate content, deploy technology, and train their teacher base. Any software EOL decisions will be assessed in an ongoing manner.

5Will we continue to ship hardware with ActivInspire Licenses?

Current ActivPanel v5 and ActivBoard 10 Touch ship with a hang tag, instructing customers how to download ClassFlow Desktop software. In addition to the hang tag, an ActivInspire license is included. The license is located on the side or back of the display. The current plan of record for ActivPanel, i-Series, and ActivBoards is to continue this approach.

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