The award-winning ActivPanel, powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android™-based Mini PC, is the intelligently-designed, connected hub of the modern classroom.


ActivPanel is powered by an external Android-based Mini PC that creates a captivating, tablet-like experience in the front of the classroom. This unique design enables schools to upgrade the device’s performance over time to keep pace with rapid advances in computing technology.

ActivPanel V5
ActivPanel V5
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its Class
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its Class The externally-accessible Android simplifies the device maintenance process and minimizes the cost associated with display diagnostics and repairs.
Teach with your Favourite Apps
Teach with your Favourite Apps Download and access apps directly from your home screen. The new ActivPanel connects you to the vast, ever-expanding world of educational apps.
Access Digital Teaching Tools
Access Digital Teaching Tools Easily mirror mobile devices to share content, or connect Bluetooth® devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and robots to support your lessons.
Deliver Dynamic Lessons
Deliver Dynamic Lessons ClassFlow Desktop, our free, next-generation lesson delivery software makes creating and delivering interactive lessons easier, and it works offline and online.
ActivPanel V5

The Industry's Most Elegant Writing Experience

ActivPanel’s InGlass™ Technology sets a new standard for interactive touch and writing experiences.

Precise Multi-Touch Interaction
Precise Multi-Touch Interaction Highly accurate sensors detect object size enabling you to use an extremely fine pen tip for detailed writing and drawing.
A Natural Writing Experience
A Natural Writing Experience Enjoy a naturally smooth writing experience with high-speed tracking, including no script-lag or response delays.
Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Tools
Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Tools ClassFlow Desktop software combined with InGlass Technology makes interacting easy. Use the instant whiteboard for free-form writing, including converting writing and equations to text, and enabling palm erase.

Technical Overview

ActivPanel V5

Models / Sizes

Suite of 70” HD, 75” HD, 75" 4K, and 86” 4K displays

Mounting Options

Select from versatile mounting options, including a fixed wall mount (included with purchase), height-adjustable wall mount, height-adjustable mobile stand, and non-adjustable mobile stand.

Multi-User Capability

Within multi-user applications such as Promethean's software, Windows 7 and Windows 8, the ActivPanel 70" HD and 75" HD models offer up to ten simultaneous touch points and 1 pen, and the ActivPanel 75" 4K and 86" 4K models offer up to 20 simultaneous touch points and 4 pens.  Multi-user capability on the ActivPanel is dependent upon the application software and operating system used.

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux® and Chrome OS™

Award-Winning Software 

Create and deliver interactive lessons with our award-winning ClassFlow Desktop, included free with purchase. In addition, ActivInspire Professional software is included. 


The ActivPanel offers a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including HDMI ports, USB touch, OPS, VGA, Audio, and more.

Powerful Stereo Sound

Powerful, built-in 2 x 10 W stereo speakers with the 70” HD and 75” HD and 2 x 20 W stereo speakers with the 75” 4K and 86” 4K.

External Android

System Version: Android 5.1 Lollipop

CPU: Rockchip RK3368 Octa Core up to 1.5GHz

GPU: SGX6110; support 4K*2K H.265/H.2642GB 2GB DDR3


Internal Storage: 16 GB


Promethean recommends that the product is installed by a trained Promethean installer. Download a full system installation guide here. Installation of ActivInspire Professional Edition software, version 1.7.62 or higher, and ActivDriver version 5.9.22 or higher is required.


For support information, visit our Support page.


3-Year Standard Warranty after registration, including an option for a purchasable two-year extended warranty. For warranty information, visit our ActivCare page. 

Specification Sheet

Download the specification sheet to view more information.