Pain-free pupil assessment with Promethean – ActivInspire and Classflow

31 May 2016 GMT

Tuesday 31st May, 4.30pm to 5.15pm (GMT+1)

Promethean has always recognised the importance of on-going, progressive assessment of learning in the classroom. We provide a range of student response systems designed to promote full-class participation and engagement while facilitating ongoing, real-time feedback on student progress.

First we had ActivInspire with ActiVote and ActivExpression.

Now we have ActivInspire with ClassFlow integration, ClassFlow Desktop and!

Following on from our last Webinar, Use ActivInspire to Deliver Assessments using Any Device, in this session we will demonstrate how these powerful pieces of software can work together to deliver effective and measurable assessments in your school.

We will cover:

  • ActivInspire question and page formats
  • Using ClassFlow Desktop with your existing resources and the additional assessment opportunities if offers
  • Introduction to ClassFlow and unleashing the power of cloud-based ed tech


The webinar will take place 4.30pm to 5.15pm on Tuesday 31st May – register now to confirm your place.

To enjoy the full benefit of this webinar visit to sign up for your free ClassFlow account.

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