26 Primary 2’s with Tablets… What could possibly go wrong?

24 May 2017 GMT

Promethean will hold an education webinar for UK teachers and educators on Wednesday 24th May, 4.30 pm (GMT).

Our school introduced tablets into the classroom 5 years ago. Since then I have been exploring the different ways that they can add value to our lessons. So when I heard about ClassFlow, I thought what another great way to add value to our tech investment!

In this session I will be sharing the first month of our ClassFlow experience with you. I will share: 

  • Why it caught my interest
  • Getting started with Classflow for young children
  • Great lessons that worked
  • Why I love Classflow
  • Top tips for getting started

If interested, you can also read about our ClassFlow and ActivPanel journey through my professional Blog at https://technowellies.wordpress.com/.

Register now!

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