Warranty Registration

Registering your Promethean products is quick and easy, and gives you added benefits.

You can upgrade your warranty to start from the installation date, which extends the length of your warranty. This also provides you with a certificate of asset(s) and access to toll free telephone numbers (country applicable). You may also activate your Promethean ActivCare+ warranty enhancements which can improve the level of service you receive from Promethean. You can do this by providing your activation code found on your Promethean ActivCare+ Warranty card.

By taking just a few minutes to register your product, you can enjoy:

  • Quicker service and more efficient support.
  • Extended warranty coverage.
  • Free telephone and email support.
  • Ability to purchase additional warranty extensions and enhancements, including Advanced Replacement and On-Site Support.

If you're interested in purchasing or learning more about Promethean ActivCare Plus, please visit the ActivCare Plus product page.

Please note: On selecting “Accept” you will be passed on to the Promethean Registration Portal (RP). If you have not already done so you will be asked to create an account and accept the Terms & Conditions. Selecting “Next” and accepting the Terms & Conditions will also confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following:

Registration of Products and Activation of Warranties Terms and Conditions

  1. In order for Promethean to properly service its customers under the various warranty offerings, Promethean must obtain information about the customers and the products they have purchased and installed. To capture this information, Promethean enables registration of products and activation of Activcare Plus warranties via the Promethean “Registration Portal”
  2. It is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure all information provided, including Activcare and Activcare Plus activations are correct and verified. Should the registered details provided be found to be incorrect, Promethean will view this as in contravention of its Terms & Conditions and may at its sole discretion deem a registration null & void and therefore any and all applicable warranty terms and conditions provided as a result of a registration will also be deemed null & void.
  3. Registration of product via the Registration Portal in no way infers that the installation was completed by a certified installer.
  4. Registration of product on behalf of a customer via the Registration Portal in no way infers ownership of the product by the registering party.
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, a registration via the Registration Portal will be presumed to have been done with approval of the registered customer.
  6. Registration of products which carry Promethean’s ActivCare Warranty must be completed within 90 days from installation or set up. Activation of Promethean’s ActivCare Plus Warranty for the registered product, must be completed within 180 days of installation or set up.”After this time Promethean may not recognize products as being validly registered. Promethean reserves the right to remove any registrations which are completed in contravention to any of its Terms and Conditions.

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