What is a Promethean Advocate?


The Promethean Advocate Group is a collection of education professionals who are acknowledged by Promethean as skilled, enthusiastic users of Promethean products and ClassFlow technologies.

Promethean Advocates are selected based on their expertise, experience, passion for teaching and learning as well as their commitment to using technology in the classroom. 

Benefits of becoming a Promethean Advocate:

  • Invitation to attend an all expenses paid annual Promethean Advocate members gathering
  • Entry to selected UK education events
  • Opportunities to give feedback on current Promethean product portfolio, and involvement in testing and evaluation of new and future products
  • The opportunity to work within a community of like-minded technology enthusiasts from around the UK
  • Accredited with a certificate and digital assets promoting participation in the group
  • Close working relationship with Promethean Teaching and Learning Consultants, Sales and Marketing team

If you would like to become a member of the Promethean Advocate Group you can register your interest here.

If you have any questions about the Promethean Advocate Group which have not been covered on these pages please email us at activ.advocate@prometheanworld.com.