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Promethean Launches Test Prep Course

Atlanta, GA (February 10, 2010) – A new program launched by Promethean, a global leader in interactive education technology solutions, will better prepare students for college entrance exams. Created in collaboration with the Chicago International Charter School (CICS), the Preparing for Standardized Tests program is designed to improve student’s performance on the reading and math sections of the PSAT, ACT, and SAT exams.

The Preparing for Standardized Tests program, a collection of interactive whiteboard lessons, engages students in mastering essential college readiness and provides them with advanced test preparation. Students can practice how to answer questions from standardized tests using the guided practice lessons and the innovative learning tools of Promethean’s ActivClassroom. Every week, they will complete two essential skills lessons and answer the corresponding practice questions that are presented in a formal testing format.

“This innovative collection of lessons has been carefully designed to support the development of core college readiness skills using our ActivClassroom technology. We believe students will find these unique interactive lessons helpful when preparing for important college-entrance exams,” commented Brent Taggart, Chief Strategy Officer for Promethean.

Preparing for Standardized Tests extends CICS’ ACT Practice Tests, an earlier series of test preparation courses developed by the school. In creating the new program, CICS licensed its intellectual property from their tests and consulted on the development of the core content of the lessons. In keeping with the mission of CICS to prepare all students with a college preparatory education, this new interactive whiteboard program fully utilizes the interactive power of ActivInspire software and the ActivExpression learner response systems from Promethean.

Dr. Jay Amberg, the test-preparation consultant for the program and the President of Amberg Educational of Northfield, IL, says, “These programs make test preparation engaging. They are a thousand times more exciting than listening to me!”

Lessons can be purchased and downloaded individually or as a complete program at Promethean Planet, an online store where educators can find a wide variety of digital content, including ActivInspire, the software needed to run this program on interactive whiteboards. A free lesson and preview of Preparing for Standardized Tests can be found online at:

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Promethean's aim is to unlock the potential of human achievement in education and training at all ages around the world.  It does so by creating, developing, supplying and supporting leading edge, interactive learning technology and by encouraging the growth of the world's largest online teacher community in this field.  In these ways, Promethean is helping bring to life the promise of 21st century learning, improving engagement and results for learners and teachers alike.

The market for interactive learning technology is fast growing and global. In this market, Promethean is a world leader.  Developed for teachers, Promethean's ActivClassroom brings together its interactive display systems (ActivBoard), its Learner Response Systems (ActiVote and ActivExpression), and its suite of specialized teaching software (ActivInspire). They change how teachers and classes engage and interact, how students learn and how they are monitored and assessed.

Beyond the classroom, Promethean provides comprehensive training and support and, with over 500,000 members, the rapidly growing Promethean Planet ( is the world's largest online community for users of interactive learning technology, providing user-generated and premium content and is a forum for teachers to exchange ideas and experience. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in nine countries, Promethean's technology is today helping educate over 12 million individuals in over 500,000 classrooms in some 100 countries.

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